Saturday, June 14, 2014

Enhance My Avatar Hunt!

Enhance my Avatar! The theme of this hunt is for any type of avatar enhancements - Slink, Phat Ass, Lola, womeh, etc...

Click here to apply: Enhance My Avatar Application

Rules for the Hunt:
- Item can be either new or a pre-existing product you already have in your store.
- Must have the hunt object in the store available by the deadline.
- Must advertise the hunt in your store (poster/sign) before and during the hunt.
- Hunt item will be $5L
- No refunds for sponsors.

- Application Deadline August 20, 2014
- Slurl Check: Verified upon application and before Hunt starts
- Hints and item photos must be received by August 25, 2014
- Items in place and set for sale by August 30,2014
- Hunt begins September 1, 2014

Additional Information:
- There will be 2 forms of sponsors. Sponsors will be given the first 20 listings in the hunt and advertising on the blog:
          *Established Sponsors (Stores older 1 year) - Limited to 10 Spots
          *New Sponsors (Stores less then 1 year old) - Limited to 10 Spots

- Hunt will be capped at 75 participants

Group joining will not be required, however if you wish to join copy and paste into nearby chat:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Windie Melody in world.